French in origin, the term ‘Charcuterie’ can refer to cold, cooked meats, as well as the place from which they can be bought. In years gone by, the art of charcuterie began as a way of preserving meat by curing, drying or canning for example, and the tradition has been continued across the world in many forms. In France, products are prepared by the ‘Charcutier’ and can include terrines, pâtés, rillettes, sausages, cured meats, duck confit as well as the lesser known ballotine, for example.

Charcuterie, or more specifically City Larder’s Terrines, Pâtés and Rillettes, can be served as a lunch on their own, an entrée or as part of a charcuterie board; perfect with pickles, chutney and fresh bread.

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The terms refers to both the terrine-shaped mould that the dish is cooked in as well as the finished product. Pork is often the main component of terrines, and typically combines the main meat component flavoured with herbs, nuts or dried fruit.



Probably one of the more commonly-known forms of charcuterie, pâté is traditionally made from livers and is most often served with bread, toast or crackers. If you’re out to impress, you should definitely consider serving it with some toasted brioche.


The lesser-known category in our range is definitely one of the most moreish. Rillettes are traditionally made from confit meat or fish, which is then shredded or chopped and preserved in jars. They are best served at room temperature and spread on fresh or charred bread.



All beautiful products can be enhanced when served with the right accompaniment, so we have developed recipes that compliment our products as well as other things that they may be served with.

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